JSW – J-AD Series Small & Medium Size Machine

JSW J55AD injection moulding machine

“J-AD Series,” this next generation of all-electric servo drive injection molding machines from JSW continues to lead the injection molding machine industry.
The J-AD “Advanced” Series of machines offers even greater high-speed performance and increased precision, made possible by the industry’s highest-speed* servo control circuit.
This advanced technology, unique to JSW, has been accumulated over many years and results in injection molding expertise that is the envy of the industry.
Faster and more accurate, the J-AD Series achieves the highest levels of productivity and reliability.


Promotion of product quality

  • Incorporating a servo control circuit that boasts the industry’s highest speed of 62 micro seconds.
    Use of a high-speed servo control circuit in the”J-AD Series” reduces scanning time to 1/16th of conventional controls and achieves an outstanding 62 micro seconds of scan time. It promotes product quality through a reduction in performance variation, such as holding transfer pressures.
  • The resolution of the load cell amplifier for the injection pressure has been intensified five fold for more accurate back pressure control which helps insure stabilized precision molding.

Remarkably improved operability and visibility

  • A vertically arranged large 15 inch TFT color LCD screen. The controller rotates to provide the operator with a clear view of molding parameters.
  • An illustration of the machine, in conjunction with operation mode keys and a touch screen, insures easy operation.
  • Languages are selectable from English, Chinese and Japanese. Other languages(Korean, Spanish and French)are optional.
  • Storage of molding conditions: 120 conditions can be stored in internal memory and 1,000 conditions stored in external USB memory.

Improvements made for stepped-up productivity with larger molds

  • The high-rigidity clamping unit enables the use of wider platens and achieves high-precision stabilized molding.
  • Platen Parallelism and mold positioning accuracy is achieved by using a high efficiency platen support mechanism, with extra long platen guides.
  • JSW’s original 5-joint, internally folding toggle mechanism attains improved faster cycle molding.
  • The stationary platen and the movable platen, consist of a box construction with reduced weight and increased rigidity, exerts a clamping force evenly distributed over the mold surface.
  • The pre-tensioned tie bars promote durability and decrease vibration during the mold open/close action.
  • The flat press platen structure enables minimizing of wall-thickness fluctuation of molded products.
  • The JSW injection compression molding feature enables the mold position to be controlled to accuracies over 10 times that of direct pressure molding. (Pat. # 1744469)

Faster Injection Speeds and quicker Computer Response Time

  • High-speed quick-response injection with increased injection powerA JSW’s original quick servo control circuit combined with a servo drive unit has achieved high-speed quick-response performance.
  • JSW’s original injection control
  • IWCS control (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability)
  • Electric-driven Soft Pack Servo Control
  • APC(Advanced Pressure Control)
  • Predicted control of metering
  • Before-holding pressure deceleration control

Adapted for diversified lines of products on application

  • A wide selection of injection modules and screws
  • A wide selection of screws
    Meeting versatile user needs, based upon the technology and provisions that JSW has accumulated over many years in the manufacture of plastic extruders that boast an impressive share of the world market.

An advanced centralized monitoring system and a remote management system

  • NET100 system and LINK10 system (Optional)
    JSW network systems perform quality control and production control of injection molding machines and enables data to be exchanged with machines that are connected with in-shop LAN network.
    Up to 100 machines can be linked together on the NET100 system and up to 10 machines on the LINK10 system.
  • Remote management system (Optional)
    If you are in an Internet environment, you can monitor the machine condition, display the controller screens and change the controller settings from anywhere in the world via the NET100 system or the LINK10 system.
    Machines in a faraway overseas factory can be monitored over the Internet, which helps promote business efficiency.
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