Seiki – Series SVP (F)

SVP (F), Valve Gate System, Seiki

Valve Gate System

1. Versatile
Suitable for wide range operations from general resin molding to general engineering
plastic molding.
2. Tip Heater System (custom order)
Enables you to mold reinforced resins and crystal resins (PET preform) effectively.
3. Wide selection
Gate diameter up to 8 cm, center gate etc….
4. “Steady Brace” system on the valve pins.
Prevents the gate and pin from wear and tear or damage.
5. Easy adjustment
Fine adjustment and change of the valve pin can be done on the molding machine.

1. Body Heater: 200 to 240V (AC)
2. Tip Heater : 11V (AC) (your choice)
3.Controller : Exclusive SH Controller
Exclusive S2000 controller (with tip heater)
* Consult us for the compatibility of the other manufacture’s controller.
4. Drive Force : Air Pressure System (5kgf/cm2)

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