Matsui – JSV

JSV Alternates between 2 types of materials on a short cycle

The JSV alternates between 2 types of materials on a short cycle.

1.Easy Installation
New and reground materials, as well as miscellaneous ones, are blended by your selected ratio. Then they are moved by the air conveying unit. (Maximum duration is 20 seconds)
2.Safety Control
The unit is electronically controlled to ensure stable operation over prolonged periods of usage.
3.Graphical Display
All operating conditions can be monitored through the graphical display panel.
4.Compact and Convenient
The Jet Selector can be easily installed to various locations making it space efficient. The upkeep of this product is low and very easy.

Matsui – JCT-SS

JCT-SS is a compact measuring blender that uses a synchronous measuring method.

JCT-SS is a compact measuring blender that uses a synchronous measuring method.

1.High Performance
Blends main resin and regrind materials according to the selected compounding ratio whilst conveying, so an additional blender is not required.
2.User Friendly
The control panel allows compounding ratio to be set easily and a memory function allows the storing of 10 compounding ratios.
3.Easy Cleaning
All remaining materials can be cleaned from the bottom and the auger feeder in a single sweep.

Matsui – JCT-PP

JCT-PP, Matsui, Blender

The JCT-PP is a simple and compact blender for a small-sized moulding factory. A simple yet high-performance design of 2-points measuring cup type mass gates.

High Performance
● The 2-point measuring cup type mass gates measure both the main resin and regrind material using a single air cylinder. (Patent No.3754400, 3754399)
● DIGI-PECA allows measured materials to be moved via the conveying hose, eliminating the need for signal cables.
● Putting the material tank and measuring part into a single unit, with a depth of only 522mm, the compact design allows it to be placed next to the molding machine.
● Material hose can be designated to either side of the equipment.

Matsui – JC3


Matsui’s JC3 blender is designed for a synchronized measuring without extra required.

  1. Simple Structure
  2. Easy Operation
  3. Easy Changing Master-Batch Colouring Material
  4. User-friendly and Easy Operation with Touch Panel

Matsui – JCS


JCS is a weight subtraction, synchronized blending system that can be used as a Loss Inn Unit or Batch Blender. A Mixing drum is not required and blending ratio can be pre-set.

1. High quality
As a mixing drum is not required, it eliminates the separation of materials due to differences in weight and static electricity. Also preventing a change of material quality due to heat from abrasion.
Upon setting the volume of one batch as the volume of one shot of molding machine, the precision of blending can be remarkably enhanced.(1 shot approach)
2. Compact
The supplying hopper and measuring hopper are combined into one unit and as there is no mixing part, allowing the height of equipment to remain low.
3. Reliable
The quality of the products can be ensured as the machine monitors the measuring and mixing ratios automatically.

Matsui – JCW2-i


The JCW2-i gravimetric blender is ideal for minimising waste when changing material colour. Matsui has created a more compact and space-saving machine with no reduction in performance. The JCW2-i is part of Matsui’s “iplas” machine set. “Iplas” is a group of intelligent machines with Self-Decision Making capabilities. They make self-assessments which are based on the usage of customer and applies most energy efficient mode to it and can be up to 70% more efficient compared to older models.

1. Intelligent mixing
Feed optimization software coupled with completion forecasting signals reduce resin waste by as much as 99% (“Intelligence” function).
• Automatically regulates flow volumes to suit the molding machine’s status, greatly reducing waste.
• Reduces cleaning time and labor when materials or colors are changed.
2. More compact and space-saving
Roughly half the installation footprint
While ensuring a maximum capacity of 145 kg/h
• Integrated measuring and conveyance units used with horizontal screws help achieve downsizing.
• Using smaller batches improves mixture uniformity and supports small lots.
3. Simple Operation
User-friendly interactive operation.
4. Automatic Operation
This automatically controlled device keeps the blender at its best performance level at all times. Even when there is a change in material, this device automatically detects and alters the measurement conditions to accommodate the new material.
5. Easy Cleaning
Adhering powder can be easily swept down to the bottom of the hopper, from which remaining materials can be completely removed. The hopper and screw can easily be removed, thus making cleaning up easier.

Matsui – JCW2

JCW2, Matsui,

JCW2 is a compact blender used for high precision mass measurement.
As all materials are discharged downward, operation and maintenance can be carried out at the front and hence, improves working performance.

1.Simple Operation
This machine is very user friendly and easy to use.
2.Automatic Operation
The machine automatically maintains the blender at its highest level of performance. When there is a change in material, the device detects this and changes its parameters accordingly.
3.Easy Cleaning
Adhesion powder can be easily swept down to the bottom of the hopper, from which remaining materials can be completely removed. The hopper and screw can be easily removed thus, making cleaning up easier.