Meiki – Standard Hot Press

Standard Hot Press

This standard hot press is used in tandem with the Vacuum Laminator as well as on its own depending on the user’s needs. Used for producing various types of laminated circuit boards. Meiki is the industry leader in printed circuit lamination, bringing together superior technology and know how. Thus because of these two things this hot press provides infinite possibilities for printed circuit board production.

Temperature Settings

This device can be supplied with a choice of heating mediums, giving the user the widest choice for their specific application. They are as follows:

  • Steam
  • Hot Oil
  • Electric
  • Oil and Electric combination

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    Meiki – Copper-clad Hot Press

    Copper-clad, Copper-clad laminate vacuum press,

    Copper-clad Hot Press

    An already popular choice, the copper-clad laminating vacuum hot press is ideal for utilization with phenol and glass epoxy resin applications. Using its superior pressure and enhanced temperature control this device is a strong candidate for anyone in the circuit board lamination business.

    Meiki’s vast experience in the manufacture of hot press equipment provides a wide choice of tried and tested machines. Giving us an easy solution to your hot press lamination needs.
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