Meiki – Vacuum & Pressure Laminator MVLP Series

Vacuum & Pressure Laminator, Meiki,

Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

This vacuum and pressure laminator from Meiki, the MVLP series, can be used to form layers over irregularly shaped products. Ideal for many application such as thin displays, extremely thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuit (IC) cards due to the way it applies a uniform static pressure.

Vacuum and Pressure Laminator
Developed to laminate a photosensitive overlay film over flexible PCBs and their multi-layered counterparts. Which are becoming thinner due to the requirements of higher density circuitry.
A conventional roller-type lamination has drawbacks such as pressure irregularities, incomplete deaeration, insufficient heating or incomplete embedding. Meki’s device is free from these problems since it applies uniform static pressure over the entire surface of the film.
Furthermore, an adjustable pressure enables lamination of PCBs with thick circuit patterns. By increasing the pressure uniformly and controlling at a higher temperature, PCB’s with irregularly shaped products can now also be laminated.

Differences Between the MVLP and a Roller Type

Please observe the two diagrams below, illustrating the differing work method between our MVLP series and the roller type laminator.

Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

MVLP Series

Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

Roll Type













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