Matsui – UH

UH Universal header

UH Universal headerUniversal  header “UH”  is  a  pipe  line  switching  device  for  raw  material   conveying.

  1. Units  are  just  stacked  up,  assembled  and  device  is  completed.
  2. Able  to  change  the  system  easily.
  3. No  galling  due  to  levitation  sliding  of  switching  core.
  4. Able  to  minimize  abrasion  by  sliding.
  5. Able  to  counter  measure  contamination  from  abrasion  powder.

Matsui – FPD

FPD Dust remover

fpd Dust removerSince this equipment gives air vibration wave to pellets (regrind material), powder which sticks and mixes with pellet is separated efficiently from pellet. It collects powder only. A dust box collects the separated powder at a fixed interval. Since it supplies clean pellet without powder mixture, molding product with little contamination is made possible.

● It gives vacuum air vibration wave of 10~20Hz frequency to pellets (regrind material) which is made to flow and separates powder which mixes with material.
● Only separated powder is picked up and collected by a dust box.
● Since it performs dust collection, it is possible to supply fine pellet without powder mixture.

Matsui – Feedenser


FD High density material and low-speed conveyorDecreased wind volume, low operating cost, updated conveying and distributing technique.

Powder like resin, PVC and wheat flour etc. conveyed in the form of layers resembling plus that filled up the hose, which air-consumes only 1/15-1/50 of that of Roots · Turbo Blower, drastically lowering the running cost.
It is ok for small piping diameter and set.
Little separation of the mixture, no pellet, no Flake damage, and effective static electricity prevention.
Close system that produce little conveying noise and improve environment quality effectively.