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Outline of controller

It features user-friendly hot runner operation and a high degree of accuracy. S2000 controller can be monitored/controlled through a Windows PC by adapting optional elements such as the signal tower, switch box, big-screen entry unit, PC connection module. Moreover, it is possible to centrally control more than one controller through one PC. it is also possible to put temperature and output current on record (CSV format) by means of its logging function.

Controller line-up

  • Series S2000
    User-friendly Windows, like a drop-down menu with a large display.
    In compliance with CE Standard, it is designed to resist disturbance noise while it doesn’t emit radiated noise.
    Current Closed Loop Control and Voltage Compensation Circuit contribute to stable molding regardless of the power condition.
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  • Series VMC
    User-friendly LCD touch panel
    In compliance with EMS/EMI (European Norm), it is designed to resist disturbance noise while it doesn’t emit radiated noise. It is advantageous to operation with an electric molding machine.
    Soft Pulse Output Control is featured. It enables steady molding operation while protecting heaters from surges.
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  • Series AHC
    AHC compact controller is specifically for small-cavity-number molding (up to 4 point gate)
    Features reinforced functions, an increased endurance of harsh operation environment.
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  • Series ACS8 II
    The LCD touch panel makes checking and the modification of settings easy. It enables to get a grasp on the operation conditions readily available.
    O/C on the PLC direct drives the Solenoid valves. This system uses no relay, therefore, it enables to prevent the Solenoid valves from a malfunction caused by contact fault.
    Bigger air supply hose. Pneumatic circuit configuration stabilizes the open/close operation of the valves.
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