JSW – Large Electric Servo Drive Machine

JSW Large Servo Drive

Large Servo Drive Machine

An industry pioneer, JSW has extensive experience in manufacturing large electric moulding machines.┬áThe newly released, second-generation large electric servo drive moulding machine promises to deliver measurable improvements in productivity, quality, and economy. This latest in the series retains the proven toggle clamping unit, which for many years has delivered “faster cycle times” and “unparalleled energy savings.”

Faster Cycle Performance

A quicker dry cycle substantially improves productivity.

  • Dry cycle time is further reduced by improving the platen speed by 20%.
  • Ejector speed has been improved to reduce product removal time.
  • The high-rigidity clamping unit achieves high-precision stabilized moulding.

Phenomenal Energy Savings

The AD-Series provides industry-leading energy savings as well as substantial reduction in cycle time.

  • Power consumption reduced by 60%, and CO2 reduced 92t/year.
  • Through the power supply regenerating function, approximately 8% of the power supply is regenerated in open/close part of the cycle.

JSW Unique Control System

JSW have perfected their own original high precision control system, allowing greater accuracy and improved moulding quality

  • HAVC (High Accuracy Volume Control)
  • Reverse Seal Control.
  • IWCS (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability) Control.
  • Clamp Force Feedback Control.
  • Injection Compression Molding.
  • Foaming Molding Control.

JSW’s large servo drive machine is perfect for large volume manufacturing. For more information please use the email form below.

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