JSW – Vertical Type Injection Moulding Machine

JT40RAD - Vertical Type Injection Moulding Machine

Verticle Type Injection Moulding Machine

JSW has produced a super-advanced all-electric vertical type injection moulding machine – it is faster, more precise, and has a high-quality compact design.

Why a Vertical Type?

The JT-AD series machines have been evolving to match the needs of today and beyond. The verticle clamping system allows over moulding of inserts in a precise and consistent manner. Simultaneous moulding and insert loading is made possible by the use of multiple lower half moulds. Improving your productivity and is ideal for continuously automated insert moulding.

Using the advanced technologies that have been fostered for many years and are unique to JSW, we have achieved high-precision injection moulding.

  • Rotary Type (JT-RAD Series, 196,392,686,981,1471,2160kN)
  • Single Acting Type( JT-AD Series, 392,686,981kN)

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