Meiki – Large Tonnage Direct Press Electric Injection Moulding Machine

Large Tonnage

Three models are launched as Mu series ranging from 650ton to 1,300 ton, which is well-balanced in all respects.

  • Adopton of a center pressing mechanism has generated even and powerful clamping force and made stable molding realised.
  • Suitable for products with thin-wall and complex dimensions by adopting direct-linked design for injection and mold open-close.
  • Compared with the conventional machine, 60% of energy consumption can be saved, 37% of dry cycle time can be eliminated and 7% of floor projected area can be reduced.
■Center Press clamping structure
A center pressing design has been adopted for the clamping structure.
There is no influence from bending movable platen.
There is no wearance problem associated with wearance from toggle links due to this machine
adopts a direct pressing type clamping unit.
The platens are also designed to absorb effects of heat expansion from the mold so that
a stable clamping pressure can always be applied.
This design will help to prevent broken gas vents within the mold due to excess clamping force
and prevent gas burn marks and short shots on the product.
The clamping force is evenly distributed helping to prevent flashes on the product.
This machine can provide precise mold protection and mold movement controls.
Furthermore, in both vertical and horizontal directions, long pitch ejecting is possible.
When mold opening, the center of the platen is pulled thus producing a stable and
strong mold opening force.
■Space saving design
The main ram is designed with a mechanical lock structure to
minimize overall machine length.
Floor projected area reduced by about 7% (Compared to our MC series machine)
■Power-saving design
By combination of center-lock type electric hybrid clamping unit and direct drive electric
injection unit,we have achieved a power use reduction rate by 60% compared to our conventional
hydraulic machine.

Mu650D Mu650DL
Screw diameter mm 75 90
Plasticizing capacity 1) kg/h 225 365
Injection pressure 2) MPa 160 177
Calculated injection volume 3) cm3 1546 2862
Injection speed 4) mm/s 150 150
Clamping force kN 6380
Open daylight mm 1800
Mold Opening stroke mm 1350~900
Mold height 5) mm 450~900
Platen size(H×V) mm 1510×1510
Machine dimensions 6) mm 8360L×2380W×2500H 9445L×2380W×2610H
Mu850D Mu850DL
Screw diameter mm 90 110
Plasticizing capacity 1) kg/h 365 545
Injection pressure 2) MPa 177 170
Calculated injection volume 3) cm3 2862 5225
Injection speed 4) mm/s 150 150
Clamping force kN 8345
Open daylight mm 2250
Mold Opening stroke mm 1750~1150
Mold height 5) mm 500~1100
Platen size(H×V) mm 1750×1750
Machine dimensions 6) mm 10445L×2690W×2710H 11310L×2690W×2800H
Screw diameter mm 110
Plasticizing capacity 1) kg/h 545
Injection pressure 2) MPa 170
Calculated injection volume 3) cm3 5225
Injection speed 4) mm/s 150
Clamping force kN 12760
Open daylight mm 2500
Mold Opening stroke mm 1800~1300
Mold height 5) mm 700~1200
Platen size(H×V) mm 2050×2050
Machine dimensions 6) mm 11880L×3060W×3020H
NOTE 1) Based on general purpose (GP) polystyrene.
2) The maximum injection pressure are not resin pressure,
but the output of injection device.
The maximum injection pressure are maximum setting value. (Not actual)
The maximum injection pressure might be limited depends on the molding condition.
3) This value indicates the calculation value.
4) The value of the injection rate and the maximum injection speed is not the value
guaranteed when the maximum injection pressure is generated.
5) Please reduce the clamping force for smaller mold than this size.
6) Machine height dose not include hopper (option) height.
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