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Disc Machine

Disc Machine

Vistac 1000IID controller developed exclusively for disc machine is adopted. A high cycle time is achievable without compromising high productivity, operability and stability.
This model is designed for CD & DVD moulding making injection compression & injection press process selectable.

This model can make 2 pcs of substrate per cycle at a time.

Model Unit MDM-1 MDM-40W MDM-70W
Screw diameter mm 28 28 28
Clamping force Kn/{tf} 393/40 393/40 690/70
Mold opening stroke mm 190 190 250
Machine weight t 2.3 2.3 4.5
Mchine dimensions(LxWxH) mm 3,200×1,245×1,735 3,290×1,260×1,735 4,250×1,270×1,775

The electric direct drive is adopted on injection device.
Adopting a servo motor for injection and screw rotation ensures a highly responsive injection control to reduces power consumption by 70% (electric power consumption because injection unit consumes 70 % of whole power consumption.)
A hydraulic direct clamping, which is inherited from the previous model-MDM-1, enables fast clamping pressure build-up speed for high replication rate and injection compression & injection press process.
MDM-60H, MDM-60Hdual developed.On the basis of MDM-H technology, these models have been developed for twin cavity type of next-generation optical disc.
(MDM-60H: single cavity type, MDM-60Hdual: twin cavity type), and improved machine quality, optical quality, the stability of replication printing quality, and the same quality of both discs substrate.

Mold for optical disc

Mold for CD, DVD and next generation optical disc can be available. Mold parts can be compatible with each other as much as possible. Each user can specify Stamper outer ring and stamper holder specificaions.

Operation board

Larger letter in larger screen than the previous model is adopted. Selecting screen and changing setting values can be done by touching screen. Memorizing molding data and hard-copying screen is offered.

Optical disc production system
Injection molding machine is only a part of whole optical disc production system. Injection molding machine produces substrate with information replicated by stamper taken out by product take-out device from mold, and the other processes include spattering process, bonding process and inspection process. The photo shows an off-line model.

Mold temperature controller itself is built in injection molding machine and is controlled by Vistac alpha controller of injection molding machine ranging within +/-0.1 degree C to setting value. Product take-out device has its compact controller as a part of injection molding machine and can take out substrate within 0.2 sec.

Model Unit MDM-H
Screw diameter mm 28
Clamping force Kn/{tf} 400/{40}
Mold opening stroke mm 190
Machine weight t 2.3
Mchine dimensions(LxWxH) mm 3,175×1,150×1,735
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