Matsui – MCJ-AA

MCJ-AA, Matsui

MCJ-AA is a large flow rate, high-pressure, medium temperature controller which can support high temperatures, realised with stable temperature control without compromising the high level of safety.

High precision~Geared up for high-precision moulding.~
Monitors temperature with 0.1°C precision whilst the Temperature Controller monitors with less than ±0.5°C precision, and has a 0.25sec of sampling cycle.
Heater Control with SSR (non-contact relay)
Safety~Automated control offers safer operational environment.
●Breaker with open-circuit voltage capability to secure a safe operation environment.
●Heater Control with SSR
●Connector lead for alarm signal (Option)
※Enhance further safety with a variety of options.
Without leak
Using canned pump, bellows valve
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