Matsui – MCM-SC


MCM-SC is the mold temperature controller for compact optical molding which realized stable temperature control and high safety.
The ±0.1-0.3°C temperature have supported Max. 145°C fresh water can be controlled.

High accuracy temperature controller and operation.
Monitors temperature with 0.1°C resolution. Temperature Contoller with less than ±0.5°C resolution Attains 0.25sec of sampling cycle. New control algorithm to reduce transient overshoot.
Machine maintenance made easier.
The interior lay-out with a view to set into the molding machine
Almost pipe-less by utilizing manifold-block
Prevents water leak throughly
Heater Control with SSR (non-contact relay)
Operational temperature range max145°C(MCM-601S)
Utilizes non-seal pump
The original interior structure corresponds to high temperature.
Allows flow performance.
Rack (Options)
About 50% Floor Space Saving.
(W:500mm x L:710mm = 0.36m2)
can choose the set-up location freely.
Prevent falling down from flanges and fixed by anchor bolt.
Each Unit is fixed on Frame from bottom side with bolts.
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