Matsui – MJ3


MJ3 provides stable low dew point dry air of -40℃ and a suction loader on a single platform.
This floor top device puts its priority on easy maintenance. There is no need to replace the absorbent material for 20 years, performance is maintained throughout the life of the machine, its last operation is as good as it’s first usage.

Ensures stable drying condition with our honeycomb rotor. With independent drying and conveying circuits this machine allows conveyance of materials without effecting drying conditions.
2.Saves Energy
Dual hopper structure enhances thermal insulation and hence, helps you conserve energy.
Combine dehumidifying dryer and conveyor into a single unit, reduces floor space required and speeds up material changes.
4.Easy Maintenance
All filter maintenance can be done from the operating side.
Heater control circuits are equipped with SSR (non-contact relay), which is safer and reduces the need for maintenance.
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