Matsui – PLP


plp Compressor Type ConveyerMatsui’s “Pellet Liner” (PLP) is of only 16mm in diameter. (Super high polymeric volume PE tube. Inner diameter: 13 mm; Outer Diameter: 16mm) PLP supports small volume of conveyance, saves space and allow great flexibility. PLP helps to create a clean and easy to maintain factory.

Sectional area of PLP’s tube (φ13) is only 1/8 of regular PVC hose(φ38). It is highly flexible and does not take up space.
Stable Conveyance
Uses ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tube that is resistant to friction and has a smooth surface for excellent conveyance.
Prevents absorption of moisture on the molding machine as it conveys only a small amount (100g-200g) at one time.
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