Sailor – RZ-Σ Series

A full servo robot of advance function
■Product Introduction

3 or 5axes full servo traverse robots.
A totally utilized of servo performance, high precision injection molding machine standard model.

More Rigidity !

A high rigidity more than any models
before achieved overall.
The shaking and the noise are greatly decreased,
and durability has increased further, too.

Refined Design !

Rack & pinion mechanism is adopted for the horizontal parts.
It becomes aneat form with no ball screw.

Operator Friendly !
7inch wide display is compact, light, and easy to operate. It makes your setup time greatly shorter than ever. Functions such as the data edits and the data storage are enhanced further.
Also, “Very First in the industry” the wireless handy pendant can be used.(optinal)
Take-Out Dry Cycle 0.8 seconds
Dry Cycle 5.0 seconds
New Controller

Mypro Function
With this software, your original program,
like Position, Timer, Input/Output, etc.
can be added freely.(More→)
Login Function
The administrator and ten(10) other users can be registered. The operation level of five strages can be set to each user.
Name Edit Function
Default names of teaching data and timer can be changed using keybord on the screen. Even when the robot of two or more manufactures is used at your factory, names can be united.
Collision Prevent Function
It automatically calculates max/min values to prevent the collision of parts arm, runner arm, and runner arm with wrist turn when ten key teaching.
Each axis operation can be done actually feeling it at the teaching. USB-Data Transfer
It equips with 2 slots of USB ports. The mold data can be saved in USB drive. and the backup of data is eazy. The alarm and the operation history can be saved in USB drive too.
It is a function with a high extendibility to the important of productivity and the process controll.
Web Function
The situation of the site can be managed by connecting LAN (Wireless LAN is also acceptable ) and the USB camera in the office via the internet.
Wireless Function
Wireless Handy Pendant
Wireless telecommunications with the handy pendant become possible by installing a wireless unit in the pendant. One(1) wireless pendant can control multiple robots. Because it’s a wireless, adjustment of position, timer, speed, etc. can be done from non-operator side easily.
→RZ-Σ Catalogue(pdf 808kB)


Power Supply AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Maximum electric power required 3~6 kVA
Normal air pressure 0.5~0.6 MPa
Maximum air pressure capacity 0.97 MPa
Driving method AC Servo motor
Maximum loading capacity 10~15kg(inclusive of gripper weight)
Accuracy of re-positioning ±0.1mm


Model Molding
Horizontal Forward
Limit Position[mm]
Parts-side Runner-side Traverse Vertical
RZ-100Σ S 75~120t 500 1200 700 10
W 500 385
RZ-200Σ S 150~250t 700 1400 800 10
W 700 585
RZ-300Σ S 250~350t 900 1600 1000 10
W 900 785
S:Single arm W:Double arm
Standard Specifications
1 A-type 90 degree wrist turn unit
2 Parts vacuum circuit, detect circuit
3 Mechanical parts chuck circuit
4 Wirst turn sequence control
5 Parts release & runner release position setting
6 Priority setting for parts release & runner reject
7 Parts & runner vertical position setting
8 Runner reject position (traverse forward / backward )
9 All axes palletizing (999 positions for each axis)
10 Definable palletaizing direction for horizontal and traverse storokes
11 Definable shift position and direction for horizontal and traverse storokes
12 Intermediate traverse wait position
13 Teaching data verification check function
14 Login function NEW
15 Undercut release servo operation
16 Initial reject, NG parts reject, overflow reject
17 Shutdown circuit sfter consecutive NG reject
18 Definable 2nd machine interlock
19 Vertical arm – close to mold wait
20 Curved approach on mold movement
21 Dedailed display of operation histry and data storage NEW
22 Maintenance period setting, Alarm reminding
23 Teach positioning on-the-fly in auto mode (max. ±0.3mm)
24 Energy saving operation
25 Sampling mode
26 Production control mode
27 Mypro function


Optional Specifications
1 AB, D-type wrist turn unit  Programmed in
standard software
2 Volume dual syatems circuit increase capacity
3 Vacuum circuit for Parts-Side Runner
4 Pivot wrist turn sequence controll
5 Parts unload 2 Positions (with vertical shift function)
6 Gate cut at traverse end 4 positions/cycle
7 Gate cut at traverse end all axis direction setting
8 Gate cut inside chuck at unload or traverse midway position
9 Chuck pitch adjusting
10 Undercut release pnuematic operation
11 Extension of vertical, horizontal, traverse strokes
12 Blower specification
13 Vacuum breaking circuit
14 Vacuum multiple-system circuit (over 3 systems)
15 Stand for main touch panel
16 Wireless function NEW
17 Web function NEW
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