Sailor – RZ-C Series



Extraction Robots with AC servo drive in Traverse Axis!!


Overall Dry cycle 6.0sec
For 50-250 ton Molding Machine Application
■Introduce product and functions

3or5 axis Pneumatic Extraction Robots with AC servo motor in traverse axis.
Combining High Performance of AC servo Technology and High Price Performance of Pneumatic Operation.

High performance mechanism
Linear guides on all axis keep accuracy and durability.
Various functions in standard specification
Palletizing on traverse axis, sampling mode,
initial rejection, NG rejection……. lots more!
Simple structure makes high productivity
Accurate and durable take-out
…..continuous operation.
Operational Touch Pendant
Compact and light, Easy to operate by a hand,
Multiple languages are available.


Power Supply AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Max electric power required 1kVA
Normal air pressure 0.5~0.6MPa
Max air pressure capacity 0.97MPa
Max loading capacity 7kgs(including chuck unit)
Air Consumption Single Arm: 45Nl/cyc, Double Arms: 65Nl/cyc
Model Arm For Molding Machine
Movable Range
max [mm]
Vertical Stroke
max [mm]
Horizontal Stroke
max [mm]
Parts-side Runner-side Parts-side Runner-side
RZ-200C S 50~250ton 1400 800 150
W 800 850 150 100
S:Single Arm W:Double Arms
Standard Specifications
1 Parts Vacuum Circuit w/part detection
2 Mechanical Parts Chuck w/part detection
3 Parts Side Runner Chuck Circuit (including Runner detection)
4 A-Type Wrist Turn Unit
5 Horizontal Wrist Turn Unit
6 Runner release Positioning
7 Traverse Axis Palletizing of 225 positions
8 Intermediate Traverse Wait Positioning
9 Definable Auxiliary Machine Interlock
10 Periodical Sampling Mode
11 Priority Sampling Mode
12 Release between Molds
13 Initial Reject Mode
14 NG Parts Reject Mode
15 Mold Memory with comments (numeric, alphabets) 15 molds
16 Maintenance Monitor
17 Operation Monitor (Operation Guide)
18 Alarm Monitor (Alarm Report, Trouble Shooting)
19 Overflow Reject Mode
20 Molding Shutdown Mode after Consecutive NG Signals
Optional Specifications
1 Parts Vacuum Dual-System Circuit (for increased volume of products)
2 Parts Vacuum Dual-System Circuit (for Parts release 2 positions)
3 Gate-Cut at Traverse End
4 Inside Chuck Gate-Cut
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