Marble/Sandwich Machine

Marble/ sandwich machine

MC-MJ series is the injection molding machine for Sandwich molding or marble molding by which different materials are used.


Sandwich molding
Sandwich molding is an earth-friendly molding method by which recycled materials can be used with no harm. It offers effective utilization of limited resources and environment protection simultaneously. The Sandwich molding is a formation of our strong will of what we want to realize. The followings are some of the effects of the molding.
Effects of sandwich molding

Recycled material is used for core layer, virgin material for skin layer.

2)Weight saving and soft feeling

By using multi-purpose material for skin layer and foamed material for core layer, it is expected that the product weight is saved, sink mark of thick-wall product is prevented and surface feels softly and cushioned with sound absorptivity.

3)Improved gas-barrier properties

By using multi-purpose material and gas-barrier property material, which prevents gas generation such as oxigen, hydrogen, nytrogen, etc from penetrating the material, for core layer, food packed inside the product can be kept eatable longer and the taste changes less.

4)Hard & beautiful product surface

Materials including reinforcements like glass fiber for core layer helps enhance strength of the product and multi-purpose material for skin layer protects cavity of mold from frictions caused by the glass fiber.

Best practice
Sample: Skin layer/core layer

Sandwich molding
Sample: Skin layer/core layer

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