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Injection-Press Machine

Meiki’s Injection-Press Machine allows for easier moulding of larger and thicker products. It simultaneous compresses the material during injection ensuring a more uniform moulding, compared to a conventional clamping method which is unable to mould such large products.

Comparison to Conventional Machines

The Injection-Press machine, unlike conventional machines, delivers this performance by leaving the mould open during the injection phase. It utilises a 4-Axis clamp parallelism and injection volume control to maintain an equal pressure on the material throughout the mould. As a result, the resin flowing pressure and residual stress are drastically reduced, allowing for less warping of flat products. This high performance can be attained even when using edge gate moulds. It even has improved performance with composite/glued mouldings because of its low uniform pressure.


Under Engine Skirt

  • Uniform thickness and less distortion/warping
  • Projection area= 5700cm2
  • Material: PP
  • Thickness 1.3~2.0mm
  • Temperature: 260℃
  • Centre gate Mould Temperature: 60℃
Injection Press Moulding example

Injection press moulded Press pressure = 650-ton

Standard Injection Moulding example

Standard injection moulding process Clamping force = 850 ton Injection pressure = 1700kg/cm2







M200C-DM Laptop Chassis

    • Glued moulding- Copper foil(35um)
    • Material: ABS/PC/PBT+CF15%
    • Thickness=0.9mm
Laptop chassis example

Door Trim

  • Lower material flowing pressures allows soft inserts to be over moulded.
Door trim example

Glued Fabric insert

Moulding sequence

Injection-Press moulding sequence example

  1. Mould closes to controlled open position
  2. Injection starts
  3. Mould compression
  4. Mould open and ejection

Meiki Pre-Press System (MPPS)

The Meiki Pre-Press System preloads the material in the screw and barrel using a shut-off valve at the nozzle tip. The screw moves forward closing the check valve on the head, trapping the material inside the barrel at a constant pre-injection pressure achieving an even load density. The screw position after pressurisation is taken as the injection shot volume starting point by the MPPS control system. This enables a constant shot volume to be injected into the mould. Removing any unwanted variation in final product quality.


MPPS example

MPPS system example



MPPS test results

Effects of MPPS control


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