Hot Runner

Seiki Corporation
The Seiki Corporation is an all round manufacturer of runnerless equipment, founded in 1954. Their main aim is to bring the most energy efficient hot runner equipment to the marketplace.
Seiki Hot Runner Systems are available in either a probe or valve gate design. The systems are available with a unique dual heater layout which achieves unrivaled quality of performance compared with a single heater system. The gate area utilises an independent heater to the probe of the valve body during the mould open and close phase of the injection moulding machine the gate heater turns on quickly melting open the plastic in the gate area at the end of the injection phase the gate heater switches off and allows the gate to cool rapidly with the product. This not only improves gate area finish and eliminates hot 'spots' often seen on product surfaces when a single heater system is used but also means a much more uniform temperature profile can be achieved throughout the hot runner system, it's function and performance is distinctly different. HOT RUNNER MOULDING WITH THE POSITIVE ACTION OF A COLD RUNNER GATE

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