Matsui – DP

DP Material Supply Support Unit

DP Material Supply Support UnitDP is the pressure switch that operates by detecting changes in vacuum pressure making it possible to convey materials without any wiring of signal lines.

A new system that sends signals controlled by changes in vacuum pressure. (Registered patents: No. 3790373, 3803791, Patents pending: 2)

Matsui – PLP


plp Compressor Type ConveyerMatsui’s “Pellet Liner” (PLP) is of only 16mm in diameter. (Super high polymeric volume PE tube. Inner diameter: 13 mm; Outer Diameter: 16mm) PLP supports small volume of conveyance, saves space and allow great flexibility. PLP helps to create a clean and easy to maintain factory.

Sectional area of PLP’s tube (φ13) is only 1/8 of regular PVC hose(φ38). It is highly flexible and does not take up space.
Stable Conveyance
Uses ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tube that is resistant to friction and has a smooth surface for excellent conveyance.
Prevents absorption of moisture on the molding machine as it conveys only a small amount (100g-200g) at one time.

Matsui – JL4


JL4 is a vacuum type loader that feeds materials automatically. Adequate receiving hopper can be chosen accordingly to support from 2 to 6 ends of the conveyor belt.

Equipped with blower, control panel, dust collector and dust box functions, maximises the use of limited space in factories.
2.Easy Maintenance
– The large dust box reduces the frequency of maintenance. Accumulated dust can be easily disposed by removing the cap. (V-Type)
– The cyclone typed dust separator fixed in front of the filter reduces the need for maintenance of filter and supports long hours of stable conveyance.
3.Environment Friendly
Minimised metallic and conveying noises to less than 80db.