Meiki – MC-MJ Series

MC-MJ Machine, Meiki,

MC-MJ Series

MC-MJ series is Meiki’s injection moulding machine for Sandwich moulding or Marble moulding.

Sandwich Moulding

An ecologically friendly method which offers better utilization of resources and provides environmental protection simultaneously.

Standard Sandwich Mould

Sandwich moulding is a method which uses recycled materials together with new materials stacked atop one another. The recycled material is used for core layer with new material used for a higher quality outer skin.

Foamed Core

By using a standard material for skin layer and a foamed material for the core layer, it is possible to reduce the product’s weight. Sink marks of thick-wall products are prevented and the surface has a soft touch and the foam provides sound absorption.

Gas Barrier

An inner core with gas barrier properties prevents the permeation of gases entering the product. This can be used in food packaging to improve the shelf life of the contents inside.

Stronger High Finish Products

The core material can include fillers such as glass fibre or minerals to increase a product’s strength. Together with a standard material skin to give a high-quality exterior finish.

Marble Moulding

Marble moulding is the injection of two different material sequentially to create a marbled pattern effect. This can be used as a cosmetically to enhance a product appearance.

Skin Layer and Core Layer Example

Sandwich Moulding Example

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