Matsui – P51KG/P71KG


This large low-speed granulator can be easily cleaned in a short period of time. Production can then be resumed immediately, reducing downtime between other grinding requirements. This quiet granulator can be positioned next a moulding machine, allowing defective part granulation.

1. Easy Cleaning
Decomposition and cleaning is possible without the need for special tools. Any unwanted residue inside is easily accessed, because of the large, open granulation chamber.
2. Defective Product Granulation
Granulation of defective products can be dealt with simultaneously alongside production. Granulation capacity (approx.) 20kg ~ 40kg / h
3. Space-Saving
Suitable for a variety of layouts, with it’s compact design.
4. Low Noise
With a¬†low-speed rotation (30rpm/60Hz), the hopper was designed to suppress sound with it’s bouncing vibration damping sheet.
5. Safety
The tank and feeding hopper are both fitted with a interlock limit switch, and the machine is also fitted with a breaker for motor overload protection.
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