Matsui – MGL2-102S/102SS

MGL2-102S/102SS, Matsui

A space-saving device that integrates blending and recycling into the granulator.
Installed next to the moulding machine, recycling of the sprue and runner is accomplished immediately.


1. Space-Saving
Space-saving has been achieved by integrating blending and granulation functions.
2. Easy Installation
The unique DEGIPECA dosing valve is activated by the vacuum, eliminating the need for a signal cable.
3. Weighing Synchronous Transport
New and recycled materials will not separate, but instead are blended together thoroughly.
4. Simple and Easy Operation
The touch screen allows automatic operation by simply entering the mixing ratio and the weight values.
5. Easy Cleaning
The measuring unit is quickly cleaned since it can be removed with a single touch.
6. Easy to retrofit to existing equipment
This system can be used with an existing granualtor. (S Type)
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