Matsui – PF72

pf72 - hybrid between a shredder and a granulator.

A hybrid between a shredder and a granulator, simultaneously doing both jobs at once. The scheduling rotor holds the product feeding it down towards the shredding blade, this ensures that any long, uneven and difficult parts can be shredded and consistently granulated.

This is unlike previous models, which often had blockages and unscheduled granulation

1. Improve Granulating Efficiency
The scheduling rotor provides excellent entrainment, allowing long objects to be folded to fit inside the mechanism.
Corresponding size L1500mm × W600mm × H230 t = 5mm (approx.)
2. Fewer Miss-Cuts
The scheduling rotor provides no miss-cuts, allowing long items to be cut and granulated without complications. Machine friction is kept at a reduced level and there is less powdered grain.
3. Improves Cleaning
The feeding hopper and casing mill can be opened wide, allowing easier access for cleaning.
4. Low Noise
The shredding impact sound has been lessened (26.6rpm/60Hz) during low-speed rotation. The granulating blade has also had its sound levels reduced (106rpm/60Hz).
5. High Processing Power
Granulating Capacity (Approximate) 60 ~ 100kg / h
6. Space-Saving
The two jobs have been realised in one design, ridding the use of a separate machine.
7. Safety
A motor breaker is standard for overload protection. With an
Two to feeding hopper, one tank, one part of the casing milled, to adopt one of the chain cover interlock limit switch, motor breaker was standard equipment for overload protection.
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