Sailor – RZ-αⅡ Series


Compact body with Sailor Technology

For 75-350 ton Molding Machine Application

Take-out dry cycle below 1.0 sec.
Overall dry cycle below 6.0 sec.
■Introduce product and functions
3 or 5 Axis Full Servo Automatic Extraction Robots.
Advanced function [vibration suppressing control] and so on, all machine equipped new idea and new technology.
Vibration Free…Advanced function
[Vibration Suppressing Control
Reduce the arm vibration by 1/10th(*) delivers more accurate and speedy take-out.
(in-house comparison)
Small and Light Weight
[Handy Touch Panel
This plastic operation panel can be a hand-held pendant…..easy to operate by a hand. Japanese, English and Chinese languages are available.
Reliable and Durable
[Rack and Pinion Mechanism]
The vertical and traverse adopt a reliable and durable rack and pinion mechanism.
(except telescopic type)


Power Supply AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Max electric power required 4kVA
Normal air pressure 0.5~0.6MPa
Max air pressure capacity 0.97MPa
Max loading capacity 8kg(including chuck unit)
Accuracy of re-positioning ±0.1mm


Model Vertical
Arm Molding
Movable Range Weight
(Standard Spec)
stroke max[mm]
RZ-100αⅡ Standard S 75~120t 700 1200 360 300
W 370 230 320
Telescopic S 360 315
W 355 230 350
RZ-200αⅡ Standard S 150~250t 800 1400 490 320
W 400 230 340
Telescopic S 490 335
W 385 230 370
RZ-300αⅡ Standard S 250~350t 1000 1600 690 410
W 600 280 440
Telescopic S 690 425
W 585 280 470
S: Single arm W: Double arms

Standard specification

1 A-type 90 degree Wrist turn unit
2 Parts vacuum Circuit, Detect Circuit
3 Mechanical parts Chuck Circuit
4 Wrist Turn Sequence Control
5 Parts & Runner Ejection Positions
6 Pirority Setting for Parts or Runner Ejection
7 Parts & Runner Vertical Position Ejection Setting
8 Definable Runner Release Position (before or after parts unload)
9 All Axis Parts Palletizing (999 positons for each axis)
10 Definable Palletizing Direction for Kick and Traverse strokes
11 Definable Shift Position and Direction for Kick and Traverse strokes
12 Intermediate Traverse Wait Positioning
13 Teaching Data Verification Check Function
14 Data Protection Function (Password)
15 Clock Setting and display Function
16 Initial Reject, NG Parts Reject, Overflow Reject
17 Molding Shutdown Mode after Consecutive NG Signals
18 Definable Auxiliary Machine Interlock
19 Proximity to Mold Halt – Vertical Axis
20 Curved Approach on Mold Movement
21 Alarm History Report
22 Set Robot Maintenance Records/ Requiremants w/Alarm Notice
23 Teach Positioning on the Fly in Full Auto Mode (max. ±3.00mm)
24 Power Save Operation
25 Sampling Mode
26 Production Control Mode

Optional Specifications

1 AB & D-type Wrist Turn Unit
2 Vacuum dual system circuit increased capacity for large product
3 Vacuum Circuit for Parts Side Runner
4 Pivot Wrist Turn Sequence Control
5 2Position for Parts Unload
6 Traverse End Gate-cut 4 positions/cycle
7 Traverse End Gate-cut Direction Setting for all axis
8 Inside Chuck Gate-cut Unload or Midway Position
9 Chuck Pitch Adjustment
10 Air Movement of Undercut Remove
11 Alarm Lamp
12 Vacuum Multiple-System Circuit (over 3 systems)
13 Blower specification
14 Vacuum Break Circuit
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