Multi-functional Large Sized Rotary Machine

Multi-functional large-sized-rotary machine

MC-VR-CJ series is multi-functional rotary machine which is capable of Multi-color molding, Multi-layer molding and “In-mold assembly molding”.

Molding product (Overlay)

Three-color molding product can be classified to three patterns in accordance with color variations shown in the left illustration((a), (b) and (c)).
The three-color molding product is molded by either of two ways, one of which is “2-3CJ type” (2 stations, 3 colors) and the other is “3-3CJ type” (3 stations, 3 colors). (a) and (b) types belong to 2-3CJ type (2 stations, 3 colors), by which fisrt material is filled in first station, and then second and third materials are in second station simultaneously. Meanwhile, (c) type is “3-3CJ type”, by which each material is filled in each station by rotation. 

Brief overview of the “3-3CJ type” (3 stations, 3 colors) and some of possible molding product patterns are refered to as below. 

Sample molding combination

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