JSW – J-ADS Series Small to Medium Size Machine

JSW J-ADS series, Injection moulding machines

J-ADS Series

J-ADS Series is the next generation of all-electric servo drive injection moulding machines from JSW. This series of the machines offers an even greater high-speed performance and increased precision. All made possible by the industry’s highest-speed servo control circuit.

This advanced technology, only available to JSW, has been developed over many years and its performance results are the envy of the industry.

Faster and more accurate, the J-ADS Series achieves the highest levels of productivity and reliability.

Improved Product Quality

  • Incorporating a high-speed servo control circuit that boasts the industry’s highest speed of 62 microseconds. Reducing scanning time to a 1/16th of a conventional control system.
  • It improves product quality through a reduction in shot to shot variation, such as holding and transfer pressures.
  • The injection pressure load cell amplifier resolution has been increased fivefold for a more accurate back pressure control, to ensure stable precision moulding.

Remarkably Improved Operability

  • A vertically arranged 15-inch touch screen colour LCD, which rotates to provide the operator with a clear view of moulding parameters.
  • An on-screen diagram of the machine, in conjunction with operation mode keys, ensures easy operation.
  • The controller can be set to display in a number of languages.
  • 120 conditions can be stored in the internal memory and 1,000 conditions stored on an external USB memory stick.

Higher Productivity when using Larger Moulds

  • The high-rigidity clamping unit enables the use of wider platens and achieves high-precision stabilised moulding.
  • Platen Parallelism and mould positioning accuracy is achieved by using a high-efficiency platen support mechanism, with extra long platen guides.
  • JSW’s original 5-joint, internally folding toggle mechanism attains improved faster cycle moulding.
  • The stationary platen and the movable platen, consist of a box construction with reduced weight and increased rigidity. Thus the clamping force is evenly distributed over the mould surface.
  • The pre-tensioned tie bars promote durability and decrease vibration during the mould open/close action.
  • The flat press platen structure enables minimises wall-thickness fluctuation of the moulded products.
  • The JSW injection compression moulding feature enables the mould position to be controlled to accuracies over 10 times that of direct pressure moulding. (Pat. #1744469)

Faster Injection Speeds and Quicker Computer Response Time

  • IWCS control (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability)
  • Electric-driven Soft Pack Servo Control
  • APC (Advanced Pressure Control)
  • Predicted control of metering
  • Before-holding pressure deceleration control

Adapted for a Wide Variety of Products

  • A wide selection of injection modules and screw sizes
  • A great variety of screw designs
  • Designed to meet user needs, based upon proven technology and developments that JSW has accumulated over many years in the marketplace.

An Advanced Centralized Monitoring System and a Remote Management System

  • NET100 system and LINK10 system (Optional)
    JSW network systems perform a quality and production control function, which enables data to be exchanged from machines that are connected via an in-shop LAN network.
    Up to 100 machines can be linked together on the NET100 system and up to 10 machines on the LINK10 system.
  • Remote management system (Optional)
    If you have access to the internet you can monitor the machine condition, display the controller screens and change the controller settings from anywhere in the world via the NET100  or LINK10 systems.

The J-ADS Series is ideal for all small-sized injection moulding machine applications. For details please contact us through the email form below.

    JSW – Large Electric Servo Drive Machine

    JSW Large Servo Drive

    Large Servo Drive Machine

    An industry pioneer, JSW has extensive experience in manufacturing large electric moulding machines. The newly released, second-generation large electric servo drive moulding machine promises to deliver measurable improvements in productivity, quality, and economy. This latest in the series retains the proven toggle clamping unit, which for many years has delivered “faster cycle times” and “unparalleled energy savings.”

    Faster Cycle Performance

    A quicker dry cycle substantially improves productivity.

    • Dry cycle time is further reduced by improving the platen speed by 20%.
    • Ejector speed has been improved to reduce product removal time.
    • The high-rigidity clamping unit achieves high-precision stabilized moulding.

    Phenomenal Energy Savings

    The AD-Series provides industry-leading energy savings as well as substantial reduction in cycle time.

    • Power consumption reduced by 60%, and CO2 reduced 92t/year.
    • Through the power supply regenerating function, approximately 8% of the power supply is regenerated in open/close part of the cycle.

    JSW Unique Control System

    JSW have perfected their own original high precision control system, allowing greater accuracy and improved moulding quality

    • HAVC (High Accuracy Volume Control)
    • Reverse Seal Control.
    • IWCS (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability) Control.
    • Clamp Force Feedback Control.
    • Injection Compression Molding.
    • Foaming Molding Control.

    JSW’s large servo drive machine is perfect for large volume manufacturing. For more information please use the email form below.

      JSW – Vertical Type Injection Moulding Machine

      JT40RAD - Vertical Type Injection Moulding Machine

      Verticle Type Injection Moulding Machine

      JSW has produced a super-advanced all-electric vertical type injection moulding machine – it is faster, more precise, and has a high-quality compact design.

      Why a Vertical Type?

      The JT-AD series machines have been evolving to match the needs of today and beyond. The verticle clamping system allows over moulding of inserts in a precise and consistent manner. Simultaneous moulding and insert loading is made possible by the use of multiple lower half moulds. Improving your productivity and is ideal for continuously automated insert moulding.

      Using the advanced technologies that have been fostered for many years and are unique to JSW, we have achieved high-precision injection moulding.

      • Rotary Type (JT-RAD Series, 196,392,686,981,1471,2160kN)
      • Single Acting Type( JT-AD Series, 392,686,981kN)

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        JSW – Lens Machine

        JSW Lens Machine, injection moulding

        JSW – Lens Machine

        This Lens Machine from JSW is a high precision device perfect for all businesses.

        High precision

        • The movable platen is supported by high-precision linear guides so that both the fixed and movable platen remain parallel with almost no drift. (H specification).
        • Two large-diameter air cylinders hold the injection unit in alignment, thus eliminating a falling motion of the fixed platen. (H specifications)


        • Resin pressure feedback control, located at the cylinder tip nearest the mould cavity, allows users to reduce minute variations in pressure, thus cancelling slide resistance during the injection/pressure holding process. (Optional)
        • Platen temperature control. Even a slight variation in the temperature of platen or moulding room during startup will affect the quality of the pickup-system lenses.
          Temperature controlled water is fed through the platen to maintain a constant temperature which results in smaller variations in mould temperature and a more stable moulding.  (Optional)


        • All areas that touch the plastic material, as well as the mating surfaces between components that are in contact with the material path, have been plated. Thus preventing rust or contamination due to the slide between mating parts.
        • The screw, screw head, check ring and push ring have a highly polished surface and are suitably coated for various types of lenses, this prevents burning and contamination.

        Environmentally Friendly

        • The platen surface is plated to prevent rust. (Optional)
        • A special seal structure is used to prevent the emission of grease from movable platen bearings and tie-bar. (H specifications)
        • SUS decorative plates are installed to protect the side and top of the bed. (Optional)

        Unique to JSW:

        • You can select a mode that will soften the sharp change in cavity inner pressure during the pressure holding process: This ensures lens surface accuracy.
        • A precise ultra-low-speed injection control prevents jetting and the generation of flow marks. This model delivers exceptional low-speed stability in a range of less than 1.5 mm/s.
        • The IWCS (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability) control stabilises the density of melted resin stored at the tip of the screw. This control technology, unique to JSW, reduces any variations in product weight and cushion position. (Patent 3529771)
        • Synchronous temperature rise control.
        • Suck back delay control is performed immediately before the unclamping process, in order to eliminate stringing.

        This specialised Lens moulding machine is our ultimate lens moulding solution, please contact with the email form below for more details on this product.


          Meiki – In-cylinder Vacuum Plasticising Device

          Vacuum plasticising, Meiki,

          In-cylinder Vacuum Plasticising Device

          This vacuum plasticising device by the Meiki corporation is built to remove gas and moisture from the material during plasticizing, removing any requirement of pre-drying material before moulding.

          The vacmeltor has the capacity to maintain a high vacuum pressure of more than -98kPa while maintaining stable plasticising. The moulding machine`s heating cylinder and screw seals have been an important development for this system.
          Vacuum Plasticizing
          Plasticising under the high vacuum state contributes to reducing such moulding defects as silver streaks or black spots considerably.
          For more information please use the email form below to get in touch with us.

            Meiki – Gas-assist Moulding Device

            Meiki, gas-assist device

            Gas-assist Moulding Device

            During the filling of the mould cavity gas can be applied to the molten layer. This gas-assist device does this to enable the moulding of parts with thicker sections without the normally associated sink marks.

            Cycle times can often be reduced due to the lack of post mould shrinkage simultaneously improving product surface finish and enhancing product quality.

            The ability to mould thicker, wall section parts allow for greater design freedom, something previously unachievable with traditional injection moulding.

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              Meiki – Vacuum & Pressure Laminator MVLP Series

              Vacuum & Pressure Laminator, Meiki,

              Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

              This vacuum and pressure laminator from Meiki, the MVLP series, can be used to form layers over irregularly shaped products. Ideal for many application such as thin displays, extremely thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuit (IC) cards due to the way it applies a uniform static pressure.
              Vacuum and Pressure Laminator
              Developed to laminate a photosensitive overlay film over flexible PCBs and their multi-layered counterparts. Which are becoming thinner due to the requirements of higher density circuitry.
              A conventional roller-type lamination has drawbacks such as pressure irregularities, incomplete deaeration, insufficient heating or incomplete embedding. Meki’s device is free from these problems since it applies uniform static pressure over the entire surface of the film.
              Furthermore, an adjustable pressure enables lamination of PCBs with thick circuit patterns. By increasing the pressure uniformly and controlling at a higher temperature, PCB’s with irregularly shaped products can now also be laminated.

              Differences Between the MVLP and a Roller Type

              Please observe the two diagrams below, illustrating the differing work method between our MVLP series and the roller type laminator.

              Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

              MVLP Series

              Vacuum and Pressure Laminator

              Roll Type














              Please get in touch with us via the email form below if you would like to learn how this product could be implemented in your factory.


                Meiki – Standard Hot Press

                Standard Hot Press

                This standard hot press is used in tandem with the Vacuum Laminator as well as on its own depending on the user’s needs. Used for producing various types of laminated circuit boards. Meiki is the industry leader in printed circuit lamination, bringing together superior technology and know how. Thus because of these two things this hot press provides infinite possibilities for printed circuit board production.

                Temperature Settings

                This device can be supplied with a choice of heating mediums, giving the user the widest choice for their specific application. They are as follows:

                • Steam
                • Hot Oil
                • Electric
                • Oil and Electric combination

                For any enquiries please use the email form below to get in touch with us.


                  Meiki – Copper-clad Hot Press

                  Copper-clad, Copper-clad laminate vacuum press,

                  Copper-clad Hot Press

                  An already popular choice, the copper-clad laminating vacuum hot press is ideal for utilization with phenol and glass epoxy resin applications. Using its superior pressure and enhanced temperature control this device is a strong candidate for anyone in the circuit board lamination business.

                  Meiki’s vast experience in the manufacture of hot press equipment provides a wide choice of tried and tested machines. Giving us an easy solution to your hot press lamination needs.
                  To get in contact with us today to find your easy solution, use the email form below.

                    Meiki – MR Series

                    MR Series, Meiki,

                    MR Series

                    The MR series from Meiki is the latest instalment of their rubber moulding machine. The expertise used to deliver this pioneering machine is an accumulation of knowledge since its original development in 1962. The slide base design allows quick mould changes and easy insert loading. A hydraulic ejector system is equipped for easy product removal and the vertical clamping and injection units are designed specifically for rubber.

                    Different Systems

                    The injection systems are available in two formats. An inline screw system and secondly a screw in plunger system which allows for an increased injection capacity whilst maintaining a low machine height. The screw in plunger type is exclusive to Meiki machines. These can be tailored to the user’s specific machine application.
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